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And Music (published by ACROSS THE ABYSS ANTHOLOGY, Winter, 2001, DANA LITERARY SOCIETY, Winter, 2006)

I can remember when I first touched the wires
and guided my fingers that started the fires
of the cold howling wind and the sound of the lyres,
who taught me to sing like the song of the choirs.

I can recall when it first had occurred
when my brain told my voice to sing out its first word
that accompanied melodies sung like a bird
and had sounded to me like a dream I had heard.

Yes, I recollect the first time that I steered
all the music and words until they adhered
to the thought that I thought and the fear that I feared
and identity vanished and clarity cleared.

Yes I can relive the first passion and blast
that erupted from deep within somewhere at last.
I compel it, “Come forth” as I watch it fly fast
to the me that I am and not was in the past.

And there’s music to write and there’s music to sing.
And there’s music to feel and there’s music to ring.
And there’s music to touch every existing thing.
And there’s music for music and music I bring.

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

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the express written
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Bonanno is prohibited
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