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the pin-striped thoughts
of my mind are gone.
You rode in
on a silver stallion
and I saw a villain.

what is evil?
Not good is not the answer.
Stupid, super straight arrows
being shot and killing.

the tongue-tied tantrums
I threw have stopped.
I remember you came too early
and, I, too late.

I loved her
while you said, “No more.”
She ate the slimy, slippery seminal juices.

Today you in front of me naked.
My mind afraid.
Yesterday, she beneath me for pleasure -
she naked - her pleasure.

I aborted your lovely gaiety.
I swore, “Jesus Christ!”
She aborted her devoured vagina.
Her love?
Your love.

COPYRIGHT 2005 by Michael Bonanno LOC Reg. #TXu934-647

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any part therein without the
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of Michael Bonanno is
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