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Der Führer

He screamed,
“We are the ones supreme!
Those who are not us must die”

Killing countrymen,
easily bored.
His throat,
his lungs,
what mind he had,
like a beast being beaten,
“To hell with the world!
We are the world!
Those who are not us are not the world!
Kill them! Töten Sie sie! Kill them!

Frozen moment.
Hailing his own existence.
Screaming wolf inhaling privacy
of surrounding separate, sovereign states,
helped by puppets.
Mother Earth
shaken beyond belief.
Every leader played the game.

Hailing himself anew
(replacing masturbation),
his lungs,
his throat
(his mind a poor theatrical performance),
cried, “Everything!”

Alas, crusade came to a close;
would not be the last.
Screaming, mindless wolf gained nothing.
Like a spirit, became invisible.

Victorious coterie not satisfied,
sought more death.
ebullient with brilliant death which blessed them.
Grabbed hands,
danced circle around the sea.
Not too surprisingly, someone cried.

COPYRIGHT 2005 by Michael Bonanno LOC Reg. #TXu934-647

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