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Is this the same nightmare
has grim reality
finally handcuffed me?

I opened the door
to the brick containment.
I saw serpents smiling, their scarlet
fangs dripping.
They seemed proud of their thievery.

Up ahead, three doors.
All beckoned,
promising safety on the other side.
I chose the center port.

I opened the chosen door,
turned to close it.
Before me,
the likeness of
a costumed character
from a children’s show.
No garment, this monster’s body.
He bellowed with breath
as hot as the sun.
His thunder a never ending boomerang.

I ran swiftly
toward two new doors.
They, too, promised survival.

I opened the one on the left,
closed it as I looked up.
I was attacked by a jungle of webs.
We became brazed.
A rocking chair
was creaking,
rocking in slow,
determined cadence.
It was filled
with nothing and no one.
The non entity
wickedly laughed
ever so softly,
melting me.

One remained.
I lunged toward it,
hoping to slay this horror.
Awestruck, my eyes observed,
existing in perfect partnership,

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

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the express written
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Bonanno is prohibited
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