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I Met A Man
(originally published by WHITE HERON PRESS, Spring, 2004)

I met a man who owned no legs.
Once chased an enemy he could not see.
A gardener, this enemy,
planting destructive vegetation among swamps,
camouflaged by foliage.
Gardens fertilized with man’s limbs.

Begging for sustenance,
flat on pavement,
like a tree stump,
this legless tramp.

I reminded him
of songs, birds.
Admonished him delete negativity.
Hastened past him
to hear the opening bell.

I met a girl whose years
may have numbered fourteen,
whose appearance numbered loneliness.
Sleek, slender sales pitch,
clad to the brink of legality.

I suggested escape from disrepute.
Smell fragrant flowers,
medicinal life giving blooms.
Can’t be late for the bell.

I met a boy,
crying in a corner,
sobbing like an infant.
Unnatural skin cut, bruised, broken.
Eyes blinded by sunshine.

I pointed out,
enables beauty, brightens darkness.
Darkness easily replaced by sunshine.

I entered the hall.

I met a puppeteer,
staring like a hawk
at scrolling gluttony.
Lacking little,
little more his goal.
More gold his goal.

I told this man
of the limbless one.
He stared at scrolling brightness
like a Christmas morning boy.

I told this man
of the girl child.
He pushed telephone buttons,
engulfing more.

I told this man
of the weeping boy.

He stops.
Misanthropic eyes measure my face.
His vision expelled,
“Negativity is unnatural.”
Breath forced from mouth.
“Why won’t they see the wonders of the world?”

COPYRIGHT 2006 by Michael Bonanno

Reproduction of
“I Met A Man” or any
part therein without the
express written consent
of Michael Bonanno, is
prohibited, except under
“fair use” conditions

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