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in case of power outage use elevator (originally published by PEREGRINE MAGAZINE, AMHERST WRITERS & ARTISTS, Spring, 2003)

hot coffee kissed her lap
sharks swam
in the green crisp sea

androids without face,

pedestrian crossing
crosses up crossing guard
against emissions

wet floor
be careful
due to the shortage
of cerebral fortitude

as we swim in our
wet floors
dream in our wet dreams
swim in our wet dreams
we are not worthy
lettered literate
smart sharks,

unshielded electricity
is like the howling of dogs
play with it
grasp it like there’s no tomorrow


in case of power outage
use elevator

COPYRIGHT 2006 by Michael Bonanno

Reproduction of
“in case of power outage
use elevator” or any part
therein without the
express written consent of
Michael Bonanno, is
prohibited, except under
“fair use” conditions

Serious, Mature Feedback Encouraged

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