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make believe

standing naked
im alone
noises are not real
if i cant hear them
the thousand noises
that are there
are make believe

running through the jungle
who is that
whos calling dead names
and shouting red phrases
whoever it is
it must
be make believe

wheres this strangely
sad but soft
horror coming from
god only knows
but then a god
is simply something
which is make believe

and green
and black
and blue
and brown
thoughts crawl through
muddy minds
silent screams
are growing in us
we are only real
make believe

COPYRIGHT 2000 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 934-647

Reproduction of “make
believe” or any part therein
without the express written
consent of Michael Bonanno,
is prohibited, with the
exeption of “fair use”

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