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Making Love
(previously published by CREATIVE JUICES MAGAZINE, Winter, 2000)

Among the muffled sounds of wind and rain,
I crawl on hands and feet
to sell my money’s makings for the gain.
And, so, I’m on the street.

I’ve come, my pockets filled with frozen fright.
I’ve come, your soul to make
a journey long and lasting. On the flight,
a leave of hate you’ll take.

Approaching anyone who’s young or old,
I’ll beg your pardon, “Please,
the rain will soak my limbs, the wind is cold.
Put one so young at ease.”

Listen to your dream. A height which you
have never reached before
you’ll find. A land, so beautiful and new,
is yours and maybe more.

All, like machines, their bloodless bodies blast
out silent apathy.
I want to cry, “Why must you all pass;
have pity upon me!”

They all must cry. The rain must be their tears,
for, no feelings they show.
But, no more will I hear their silent fears.
Away, alone I’ll go.

COPYRIGHT 2000 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 934-647

Reproduction of “Making Love”
or any part therein without
the express written consent
of Michael Bonanno, is
prohibited, except in “fair use” cases

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