notes by PHILONEUS
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notes by PHILONEUS (of Jacob) P. S. (please read expressionlessly)

the big white, wooly waves hit the
shore and says it stop or i’ll
shout obscenities at you but the
short shivering shingler sings about
other people who he don’t even know

leave your house or i’ll have you arrested
speaking was decorative but downcast delilah
she don’t know the real reason behind Jonathan’s
hatred no she don’t either does the rain
either does the sun either does communism

when you speak tub but don’t talk so fast
even though i speak the enemy’s
language i still don’t understand your
philosophy history texts never explained it to
me please try and understand the pacific

i’ll leave you with this message daddy
mommy sister brother all tell you and
try and understand who swam the
long level lamented ocean be not
wise just study in school so you’ll die

                                                           aesop tales

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