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Old Dorothy

She is bound by a blockage
to a chair with wheels.
Words attempt to exit her mouth,
like sadistic toddlers
refusing to learn speech.

Her frustration renders streams,
flowing slowly, uncontrollably
from aged eyes, mouth.
Her hands limp, crippled
by suffocating brain.

She thinks.
I see animation in mirrors
reflecting my own fragility.
Rude, unprincipled thoughts
constantly play in her mind.

Her perception;
lifelong mate deceives her, loses strength.
His own hungry demon
feasts upon him in her time of need.

Sadness accompanies anger.
Incurable, morose infirmity
devours him entirely.
Betrayed by unsinkable life boat.

She stops caring
for life’s internal liquid.
She turns away from stabilizing potion.
She is bound by a blockage
to a chair with wheels.

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

Reproduction of “Old
Dorothy” or any part
therein without the
express written
permission of Michael
Bonanno is prohibited
unless the reproduction
meets The Copyright Act
“fair use” doctrine, (title 17, U. S. Code)..

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