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philoneus revisited

rolling hills
     and snake like sand
little pills
     in wonderland
dreamy dreams
     of dreary dark
joggers beset
     in the park

running dogs
     invoking god
floating logs
     all seem so odd
while the clowns
     all fake their smiles
infant ‘roos
     can hop for miles

bowls filled with
     some unknown clues
read the myth
     and not the news
so in the town
     the fires burn
rain drenched minds
     that never learn

that russian boat
     sits on the floor
of nature’s moat
     without a door
so smile your smile
     and drink your drink
and drown your brain
     so you can’t think

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

Reproduction of “philoneus revisited” or any
part therein without the
express written
permission of Michael
Bonanno is prohibited
unless the reproduction
meets The Copyright Act
“fair use” doctrine, (title 17, U. S. Code)..

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