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like blood pouring
from an opened wound
like the ache
of a hand
struck by a hammer
like the breaking
of a bone
my mind’s injury
is no less painful

like a cancer grown
on a lung
or a throat
like the failure
of the pancreas
to produce insulin
like the agents
which don’t
allow exhalation
my mind’s illness
is no less debilitating

like the lover
who’s been
left behind
like the lover
who is
reticent about love
like the friend
who’s been betrayed
my mind
is no less betrayed
by my infirmity

anxiety freezes
panic confounds
obsession confuses
compulsion compels
depression distorts

i may come back
but don’t wait
too long
i’ve been vanished
too long
and i may
not resurface

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

Reproduction of “slavery”
or any part therein
without the express
written permission of
Michael Bonanno is
prohibited unless the
reproduction meets The
Copyright Act “fair use”
doctrine, (title 17, U. S. Code)..

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