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Technician Dan

Far away and long ago
they would have a super run the show,
but when it didn’t fit into their financial plan,
that’s when they turned to Technician Dan.

Dan is not a manager, but he stands tall.
The bigwigs always look at him to take the fall.
When they need to pass the buck into a willing hand,
they pass it on down to Technician Dan.

They tell him he’s a leader, but he’s got no clout.
They say there’s other ways that he should work it out.
When he thinks he’s solved it and he’s got a plan,
the big boys let him know he’s still Technician Dan.

He’s got a great big planner and takes lots of notes,
but stays away from using all the big boys’ quotes,
‘cause if he likes his office and a place to stand,
he better keep in mind he’s just Technician Dan.

Technician Dan
Technician Dan
Technician Dan
The Safety Man

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

Reproduction of “Technician
Dan” or any part therein
without the express
written permission of
Michael Bonanno is
prohibited unless the
reproduction meets The
Copyright Act “fair use”
doctrine, (title 17, U. S. Code)..

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