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Sonnet #3-The Dance

May flowers have arisen into view.
The fields are filled with watered lush green grass.
I see your dance, forever fresh and new,
a move as smooth as silk and clear as glass.
Although you sweep along with perfect grace,
you still believe it’s in you to improve.
Determination paints your lovely face
and purpose seeded in the way you move
says, “Nothing less than more will I allow.”
This yearly dance you yearly dance for me
does not exist for merely here and now,
but reassures for us our summer’s spree.
     The weather warms, as do our heated hearts.
     It will be lasting love this year imparts.

COPYRIGHT 2001 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 988-155

Reproduction of “The Dance”
or any part therein
without the express
written permission of
Michael Bonanno is
prohibited unless the
reproduction meets The
Copyright Act “fair use”
doctrine, (title 17, U. S. Code)..

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