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To Friendship

Your employment to listen,
to lend life’s attention
to the moment of my mind,
is a wondrous miracle!

Your welcomed words,
so good to hear,
are, themselves, companionship.
Time has approved our friendship.

Truth, reality in my shaking
hands are dangerous tools.
They cause fears quenched
only when you take them.

Mind to mind
is our way of hearing.
You listen to the thoughts
of fear which haunt me.

I listen to the wonder
of your friendship,
hoping to hear it over
again a thousand times.

Your mouth and mind
can combine to create
an awakening in slumbering ideas.
Your mind is expert

at singing songs. Your songs
turn depression into vague memories.
Feelings of hope
arise all around me.

When asked,
“What are friends for?”
my thoughts embrace you.
I simply say, “For this!”

COPYRIGHT 2000 by Michael Bonanno
LOC Reg. #TXu 934-647

Reproduction of “To
Friendship” or any part
therein without the express
written consent of Michael
Bonanno, is prohibited,
except in “fair use” cases

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